Regular Flows (FTL, PLT, Round Trips, Milk Run) – it is an offer addressed to companies with cyclical transports, within which we are able to provide regular services at preferential rates in the long run.

FTL Service – these are standard full truck load land transport services carried out with the road fleet up to 24T, both in domestic relations (Poland) and relations between individual countries of the European Union.

PLT Service – it is an offer of land transport of shipments from 3 to 12 LDM by a road fleet adapted to the amount of the goods transported. The offer applies both to deliveries in domestic relations and . relations between individual member states (the European Union states)

Groupage Service – We organize the groupage distribution based on the cooperation with specialized domestic and international operators. Depending on the shipment or collection destination, each time we choose the groupage solution which is most beneficial financially for our customers.  Within the range of the above services, we ensure groupage cargo deliveries between all European Union states.

Express Service – we offer express groupage transport services. Due to our advanced capabilities , we ensure a safe and very fast delivery to destinations indicated in all European Union states.


We offer international transport to the following countries:

  • Poland Transport
  • Germany Transport
  • Italy Transport
  • France Transport
  • The Netherlands Transport
  • Belgium Transport
  • Austria Transport
  • Spain Transport
  • Great Britain Transport
  • Switzerland Transport
  • Russia Transport
  • Ukraine Transport
  • Lithuania Transport
  • Latvia Transport
  • Hungary Transport
  • The Czech Republic Transport
  • Slovakia Transport
  • Finland Transport
  • Greece Transport
  • Sweden Transport
  • Norway Transport


Our company is the best choice as far as the strategy of logistics outsourcing (outside-resource-using)  and the management of complex supply chain are concerned. Our integrated services cover all aspects of logistics planning, control and performance.

From the beginning till the end we deal with the solutions that transform the logis challenges

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